April 12, 2010


My hair is fried. Straight up. I had platinum blonde hair all through college and I am still pretty blonde today. It is a miracle I have any hair at all (my man has found my hair in his mouth on more than one occasion- yuck, I know). But I do. I am not good at pulling off the “sophisticated” look when it comes to hair- or any part of me, really… I have blonde, stringy, sometimes wavy, always looking like it may need a brush run through it, hair. I think I just described it poorly, because I also really like my hair… its cool.

We are having a “mellow” Big Sur wedding- I want natural make up, sandals, sunglasses, sun tans, a fire pit, etc. but I also want bad ass hair. I have been wondering what I was going to do- and I keep getting drawn back to my girl-
I am just wondering if I can pull it off while still looking natural. Big ass flower on the side- consider me happy.

And I also want fake eyelashes- i figure if I keep the rest natural I can pull it off. I'm thinkin 1970's boho beach chic... Heck yeah.

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