October 15, 2010

Inspiration for this weekend.

like i said, i am in a FUNK.

i look up beautiful things and save them to my desktop all morning long. and then i eventually have to clean up the desktop and i dont get to look at them and feel good. husband does not like clutter. not on the desktop. not in the new house. but an exception could be made for this:
i want so badly to be able to buy art all day long... and live in the clouds and have my best friends be unicorns...
love this of Big Sur. shocking. what is more shocking is that i could actually afford this. well, not really, but kindof...

when we have a baby- i want zac freeman to do a self portrait of her/him out of all of his/her old toys... ahmazeballs. this one, called "holly" is made of all things left behind, paint lids, microchips, or as the artist eloquently refers to his art: junk.
i need to do more of this with my main squeeze....

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