May 30, 2012


well i am a bad blogger. sorry to mostly annie. i think she is the only one who reads.

we just got back from nicaragua. it is such a beautiful place with such beautiful and kind people. and they LOVE babies. we will definitely be back.

it was fun to sit and talk with scotty about future vacations that we are going to take with riley, and our future children. everything is just a tad more fun when you have a little one like riley around, at least for scotty and i. it was all new to her, and it was amazing to get to get so much joy out of making her happy.

im not sure exactly when it happened... but some time ago, scott stopped picking up the baby to relieve me, and started doing it because he missed her and wanted to hold her. he is seriously the best and this trip he was THE BEST. i feel so so lucky to have such a great man for me and the little lady. my little family makes me so happy and full lately that i cant even talk about it without tearing up.

as for scotty- the trip actually made me love the guy more. i am so proud of the man that he is. he's already there/here, you know? he's not still discovering what kind of person he wants to be when he grows up - that man is here. and he's kind, and sometimes quiet, and strong, and he tells bad jokes, and he is sincere. and real and he works hard to make a good life for us. i love him deeper and im so glad i got to rediscover all of these things about him on this trip. and i think he would agree with the sentiment towards me too- we are already the adults we wanted to be. we will of course continue to grow and mature and make mistakes... but we were proud of each other. and it felt good to feel so close and like a unit.

we also realized why people with babies travel with people with babies. its so obvious to us now.

here are some pics. annie- i know you say you only want to go to hawaii... but nicaragua is prettier- and 1/10th of the price. plus culture! let's go!

hanging out in our room with this fat baby and beautiful man was shockingly fun.

the sunsets were amaze-balls.

 people are so nice. thumbs up like crazy in granada. 

water bebe. the best thing. ever.


  1. Hey there, I loved looking at all of the pictures from your wedding, it was beautiful!! I can't wait to go check it out next month!! If you don't mind me asking, where did you and your guests stay after the wedding and was it close by?
    Thanks :)