March 2, 2012

life with riley

i dont really have anything other than riley going on in my life. so... riley it is. riley riley riley.

the hubs took the day off of work today to spend the day with his girls. its so nice to have him around. and an extra pair of hands. we went for a walk down to the beach, had breaky on the boardwalk, and then walked around a bit. riley and i were happy happy girls.

riley got a cute new dress and the sun was out so scotty snapped a few pics of us in the sunshine. i have like 4 pictures of her and i. so even though these arent the best pictures, i will cherish them forever.

she may look like her dad, but she always has dirty feet... just like her momma. some of us just prefer to be barefoot and happy.

thats all for this 80* friday.

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