July 7, 2011



scotty and i are almost one month away from our one year anniversary. crazy. we also just got our wedding pics. i spent the morning at work going through every single one slowly- huge smile on my face. it really was the greatest day ever. the pictures make me so so happy.

maybe next time i am whining at scott about a bug in the bathroom or taking out the trash, i will look up and see one of these pics and smile instead. probably not... but what a day it was!

thanks scott. for giving me the most beautiful courtship. the most perfect proposal. the most patient partner while wedding planning. and a great first year. not perfect, but truly great! im so so lucky! we have so much to look forward to. its ridiculous.

like we said in our vows... you are my heart, my love, my future and my home. i am honored to call you my partner.

so heres some pics. mostly just to make me happy.

just a few...

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