April 20, 2011

front of the house.

my kind and beautiful and generous mother and father offered to get us an outdoor swing for the north (right) side of the front of our house. growing up, my grandparents had a porch swing and i have many great memories on it.

as you can see... it is lacking... well, something, everything. it is plain u-g-l-y.
but since our house is 15 feet wide i am thinking more of a porch chair swing.

here is my research thus far:

1. pier one- $269 + $169 for the stand:
2. two's company hanging rattan chair- $369

3. plastic rattan by vivah? $475

and now we are entering in to pipe dream territory:

4. urban balance outdoor hanging chair- $1499
5. hanging chair from opulent items- $if you have to ask you cant afford it:

but i really thing that at the end of my search, i like #1 and #2 best... thanks mom and dad! you are truly the greatest!

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