April 12, 2011

beer battered tacos. beer belly.

ever since we randomly went to this moroccan/mexican restaurant on a whim... i have been OBSESSED with their "make your own taco plate". obsessed. like "can we go there for the third time this week?" obsessed. and scott is obsessed with the margarita cart. so its a win win.

last night scotty attempted, and succeeded, at home made casablanca style make your own tacos. every detail was covered.
yummy beer battered cod. hand fried. yep:
it was even assembled the way they do it at casablanca:
note the white sauce- thats yogurt, mayo, dill, minced jalepeno and capers, and a bit of cayenne pepper. what a guy!
and just because summer time is almost here, i had only TWO tacos. not three.

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