February 14, 2011

valentines day...

i woke up with an absess coming out of my eye... i rolled over to say happy valentines day to my hubby- and looked like a dragon. he drove to urgent care, sat with me, and went and filled my prescription while i got ready for work...

all day i felt like a queen. i dont need a box of chocolates, or flowers or an expensive meal to know that my husband loves me. and its true.

and then i came home to a clean house, the dishes done, flowers, and reservations at piccolo, the restaurant that scott proposed to me with.

i feel so so lucky. and i am writing this so the next time i am bitching about god only knows that- i will remember that it isnt about the flowers and yummy dinner. they are really really nice, but picking up my prescription when i am the ugliest i have ever been- thats the bees knees.


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