August 16, 2011

the big easy.

was in new orleans this weekends. turns out the big easy wasnt so easy.

its hard watching my most favorite person, my gaycee, get older.
its hard to think of how lonely she must be.
its hard to think of how quickly it happens. and how short and precious life is.

she is such an amazing woman. i love her to the moon.

its also hard for me to travel with my sister. i love her so much, but we are just so so different.

what isnt hard about new orleans? returning to all of your favorite places from growing up with your favorite people.

dinner @commanders palace:
when the waiter says "if you want to order either the souffle, the bread pudding, or the cobbler, we need to know ahead of time", we relpy "yes please, to all three". heaven. in. my. mouth.
my best buddy.
my beautiful gaycee.

snowballs on plum street:
i am going to open up a snow ball stand on main street in a few years. for reals.

i got a small pail with chocolate. nom nom nom.
little man got bubble gum.

shrimp and oyster loafs @ domilises:

i love new orleans so much. wish i would have brought a camera other than my iphone. my husband needs a new orleans redo. it really is one of the most special cities in the world.

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