July 19, 2011


life has been pretty simple lately... whatever that means. did a little damage at the nordstroms anniversary sale. ella moss made maxi skirts for prego women. and my new silly shades make me so so happy: sometimes when i get very overwhelmed with things like motherhood, responsibility, and the reality of GIVING BIRTH i search the internet for baby stuff and start to feel better immediately. i really am so excited and so lucky... here's stuff that has made me happy this morning:

1. "chewbeads" are these beautiful necklaces i found through miss amy's bon lemon blog and online shoppe. these cute things are not just easy on the eyes, they are also meant to be sucked on, chewed on, pulled on, and they are made of 100% silicon (similar to pacifiers or bottles) so they are soft on little ones gums, you can clean them in the dishwasher, and they are something colorful for your baby to focus on while nursing. genius.

i ordered the "hudson" necklace in turquoise (left). so so genius.

2. baby clothes: they make me feel very excited. if we have a little girl- she will be so comfy and california cool it will be annoying. and if we have a little man, i intend to dress him just like his papa. jeans, t shirts, and flannels. heaven!

3. grayson: he just makes me feel better about life in GENERAL but i hope i am lucky enough to have a boy half as great as he is. sister did such a good job. and as you can see, he has the best life ever: and i might have gotten him the greatest present ever (sub scotty with grayson):

other than that, same ol same ol. my belly is huge. i feel like a house. we got a new rug. work has been so so busy. we joined the club- so now i can take tennis lessons. im pretty happy.

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