June 28, 2011


had a lovely weekend in the desert. huntley didnt kill anything/one. but she definitely thought about it.
i woke up with a craving for chocolate, so i made a german chocolate cake from scratch. next time i will buy a candy bar.
look who has a green thumb all of a sudden? peppers. grown by me.
got this bogenvelia for the front. i am hoping it will take over the front of our ugly little house soon. and it reminds me of santorini. heaven.
spent the last weekend on hilton head island in south carolina. it was beautiful. i forgot how much i miss the south.
the view at dinner was worth the 55 big bites. i can say that now.
continental airlines is going down. it is my personal vendetta. not only did an employee "step to me " at 430 am, but they sent our bags on the wrong flight and we had to spend 2 hours at 11pm on sunday here: (yes, that is hell).
thats about it. for now. sorry audra.

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