May 22, 2011


being on south beach sure changes the weekends.

it is only 9am on sunday morning but so far this weekend has been perfection.
dinner and firepit with friends on friday night, in bed by 11. scotty got to surf, so he was a happy boy. lunch with the in laws and baby samara. lazy afternoon with the man. a not very yummy date night dinner, but still nice to have date nights... and now a day with my sister, momma, and my main man- grayson.

some non-highlights of the weekend:

coming home to this:
(huntley destroyed my favorite pouf).
and this is funny- scotty went to a charity golf tournament this week and very thoughtfully brought me back some shoes. really, scotty, you SHOULDNT have. bahahahahahaha....

good news- the rapture didnt come. but huntley destroyed the pouf once again to make herself a heaven- like setting to fool the apocalypse. HOW DID SHE KNOW?

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