May 31, 2011

sunshine, babies, pool time

what is better? NOTHING.

by best friend had her baby. and oh em gee. maebel is the cutest little mini-annie i have ever seen. i have not met her yet (which led me to stomp through the house angrily this weekend and complain to my husband A LOT), but i love her already. welcome to this crazy world maebel!

we got a cabana at the shangri la hotel on sunday and swam and ate and it was a merry old time. this is the only picture i took:
at least you can see the super cool striped furniture... if only i took a picture of the pool and the bucket of fries i killed...

and then swam all day monday with my favorite little boy, husband, and sister and bro in law. we ate johns garden and made smores by the fire pit. sister got me some goggles so i could swim under water and grayson thought they were "so space". he is the greatest.
all in all, not TOO depressed that its tuesday and the start of another work week... on the agenda: benihanas tonight (i look forward to food a little too much), my works anniversary gala on thursday, and vegas with the in laws on saturday... life is good...

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