May 10, 2011

south beach diet- day 2

it is 355. went with my coworkers to pitfire pizza for lunch. watched them eat burrata pizza and creamy tomato sausage pizza.

thus far today i have had:

hardboiled egg
string cheese
lettuce with chicken, pine nuts, provolone, pepprocinis and lemon balsamic dressing.
diet root beer

but night time is the hardest...

what am i craving? well, the 3 o'clock daily fresh popped popcorn that i am smelling would be nice. or the cheese bagels and birthday cake that is probably sitting on the counter downstairs.

but i will instead have a handful of almonds.

since food is making me unhappy- here are some things making me happy:

free people may catalogue:
this boy:
this idea: i could do a memphis, beverly hills, tuscon, olympia, venice, and santa monica. for all of the places my husband and i have lived. separately and together. cute.
outdoor spaces in outdoor spaces that i will never live in....
12 more days til i can have a piece of while wheat toast and a glass o wine!

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