May 3, 2011

rednecks, fireants and kickball

this weekend was the weekend i had been looking forward to for quite a while! stagecoach country music festival!

i had my red, white and blue:
and obviously... scott had this:
and she had too much to drink before the concert even started:
and we met up with great friends and drank "summer in a cup" @ the rv park:
and our feet looked like this:
and the next day, our little angel huntley had an allergic reaction that had her mom, aunt, and daddy rushing to the emergency room in palm desert... and turned in to hutch:
$250 later it turns out our little angel attacked some fire ants:

and i had the MOST EPIC and pathetic fall @ kickball last night. i think that the swollen knee will look great with the the other ladies st. john and chanel suits at the crohns and colitis foundations luncheon at the beverly hills hotel tomorrow. just perfect.
great weekend! life is good.

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