March 7, 2011


scoot the hoot and i had a great weekend.

date night dinner on friday with the husband. then a dance party with dear friends... one of whom asked scotty to be a groomsman! we love ben and pots.

a truly gluttonous lunch on saturday. cashed in one of my birthday coupons for a taco bell run. and i sat on the couch eating nachos looking at celebrities losing the fight with cellulite... as i contributed to my personal loss with it.

afternoon sunset cocktails with some great views and even better friends.

brunch with my family on sunday. grayson is more kind and loveable than last week.
and i am kind of in love with this picture. my mom is pretty dang beautiful.

and then dinner with scotts family at the bazaar. which it was. had the most beautiful gin and tonic. and scottys dad ordered a drink that came with a nitrogen tank. true sentence.

and now back to work. which isnt too bad either i suppose.

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