February 4, 2011


its been a while.

dear diary,

i am still looking for a job (but i have gotten to spend time with my other man- grayson!).
our house is still a work in progress. i still love our little house.
my hair is literally the color of dirty toilet water. not cute.
our little puppy, huntley, is still sweet and completely unmanageable.
we are joining a country club (barf).
i have gained 8 lbs since the wedding.
it is already february?
marriage is hard work, but it really is the best thing ever.

i have been working as a temp receptionist for too long (where all i do is read "modern love" and then when i am done with that, i read blogs that i love that have cool things featured. so i have a ton of wants (not a single need in the bunch). here are some:

i need this moment in my brain bank filed under "do this a lot":

i want to have a succulent garden. because they are beautiful, and more importantly, i cannot kill them:
i LOVE this. my bedroom ideas are conflicting and very different and there are a lot of them. this could be a problem because we have a one bedroom.
and this one. i think i love this one more:

i want a nook... i want this nook:

i swear i would get a lot of "work" done if i had a corner like this:
when we have our baby, i am going to make this it's habitat. or in the mean time, maybe i will make this the puppys habitat. i neeeed this. i know i said there were no needs but i really do... especially once we have a baby. hahah

and then when babu grows up... what? this could totally be a boys room:

ugh i would not get a lot done if this existed in my house. but life cant be all about work, so i want to create this too:
our backyard needs love... this screams LOVE:

other than that life is pretty good. lots to look forward to.
grayson said i love you leesha (thats me)
scotty built us a new fence... or started to... pics to come
annie is totally showing! so fun! and i am visiting oly in march.
i have three interviews next week.
i have lost three pounds. 250049228371246147124 to go.
scotty is sending me to new orleans to see my gaycee. (!!!!)
we have a black tie affair this weekend- always a good time!
it is sunny is california!
we have gas again. not to be crass- but fuck you edison.
my family is healthy and they know that i love them!

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