February 23, 2011

home. over it.

husband and i were talking on our drive up to santa barbara last weekend about how basically... we are over the house... and we wish it had already been two years so we could avoid taxes and just sell the bitch... too bad we have one year, seven months, seventeen days, and 21 hours left to go.

anywho- fence. we tore down the (rotted) picket fence that came with the house. see below.
we built a semi-contemporary redwood fence. and by we, i mean scott. last monday, i white washed it with a semi-transparent stain that in my head looked amazing but in reality** looks like this:
**as scotty pointed out: the reality is that the fence really does match what we want the house to BE- just not what it is IS. very deep stuff going on with scott and i.

i will remedy this "situation" by doing the following.

1. on each brick post sits a terra cotta pot with some sort of death defying plant in it that "came with the house". we will replace these plants with "string of pearls" succulents. if we buy them old enough we can get them to hang up to three feet, draping over the brick... like this...
hopefully it will give it a more contemporary, beachy, boho feel.

2. shutters- thanks to coastal living i have finally discovered what type of shutters to go with. this picture is my full blown wet dream of the vibe i am going for. and i think i manifested it when i painted our door tiffany blue a few months ago...
so some rustic, earthy pots (most of the terra cotta pots are super weathered and perfect)... some draping succulents, some bright shutters.... and a grey roof.... we should be close.

3. i just ordered this from crate and barrel. i think it will also help convey that I AM REALLY TRYING TO MAKE THIS DUMPY ASS 15 FOOT WIDE RED AND WHITE NASTY HOUSE LOOK CUTE AND BEACHY!

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