October 5, 2010

Week One- the pros come in

Well, the contractors started yesterday. It is funny to see what a crew can accomplish in one day. It is also funny to see what they leave behind- like support beams and gas lines.

Note to husband and Ben: taking out a wall does not necessarily mean to just bash the entire wall down. sometimes you leave a support beam or two for safety. Or- sometimes you become excited boys with axes and you have a hay day and then the ceiling starts to sag...

Anywho- before and afters of what the professionals did yesterday!
BEFORE- looking from the "sun room" to the bedroom:
AFTER- looking from the sun room in to the new- larger master bedroom. poop- i thought i took way more pictures. i will today. today Alfonso's crew is putting in beams. to support all of the walls we are removing. i think they will look great once they are stained. very contemporary rustic- hopefully.

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