June 3, 2010

I am taking my David to Greece

SO because we are super cool and relaxed and don’t care about things like riots, and pillaging and financial collapse (all lies) we have decided to nix the Amalfi Coast as our honeymoon destination and instead will be traveling to GREECE (bitches). I am so happy. When we first got engaged and we discussed honeymoon (when we first got engaged, I swear, the only thing he wanted to discuss was honeymoon) I initially said one word: Greece. He said no… blah blah blah. He said Amalfi. I said fine. We planned on Amalfi and then he got this genius idea from out of nowhere that we should go to Greece because the dollar goes further. So anywho- now we are going to the place HE decided. Greece. And I could not be happier. Oh hello Mykinos...See you soon.

And dont worry, Santorini, we will see you next.

And my sexy soon-to-be looks "hella Greek" so it will be fun to see him relish in that. YAY!

1 comment:

  1. YAY! You wrote to me! I am so excited to follow your blog now. I had the best time meeting you, I hope to see you around soon.