June 28, 2010

My daughter will not be designing her own invitations.

That being said, I just approved the final of our invites at the hipster hangout, CopyLand, and I am super pleased. They are simple, they are a tad whimsical, they don't look totally DIY, and they were semi (not really) affordable. I am glad I did it this way, because I am nuts and need to have control over everything (which I swear was not a trait before this whole wedding planning thing happened to me), and they are 100% OURS.
I then spent the afternoon looking at liners. Yes, envelope liners. I am going to end up spending over $100 on the paper that goes inside of the envelopes that you throw away. Stupid. But I am still obsessed with finding the perfect pieces of paper for my invitees to throw away.... I am thinking....
image from paper-source.com (biggest waste but oh so cute and maybe 1 out of every 50 people will notice it. THATS A WHOLE FOUR PEOPLE! yeah.)

Anywho- we just got back from another amazing Big Sur weekend. We camped, we ate, we visited Point 16, we picked out our wedding cake, we tried out the breakfast for the "morning after" brunch, we drank lots of wine and talked for hours by the campfire, and we caught up on sleep. Basically, it was heaven. I kept driving along highway one and being amazed at the people who call Big Sur home. I realized it is just something you have to make a priority. Boyfriend and I said we would try to make things like this (not living in 10 million dollar homes), a priority. Surrounding ourselves with beauty, and inspiration, and love.

Other things I plan to make a priority: being happy, making my man happy, being a better daughter, sister, auntie, and friend, not complain so much (life is gooooood mahn), use my creativity more (the wedding has been an amazing and fun creative outlet, but I need to remember how good it feels once this shabang is over), being a better listener, and overall just being happy,because I am so spoiled and so blessed and such a bitch for having all that I have.

Anywho- here is a pic from another great weekend with my beloved, in my beloved, Big Sur.
61 days. yayayayayayay!

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